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*Note: Not all of the pictures included in this page are mine. Some of them were taken by Mattie and Kate. (Thanks guys :))

The Vast Majority of my favorite Thirteen

Rochelle and I at Bahama Breeze

Mattie with some of his girls

Michelle and Lea

Lora during a productive day of AP Gov

Meghan smiles from her perch on the stairs

Gab and Al before a Semi-formal

Christina and Rochelle at a ZX Formal

Adam and I at Christmas

Matthew is far from thrilled to discover 10 crock pots for Christina's Grad Party

Kate and Rochelle

Rochelle and Christina making trouble

Gab, Kaite, and Kate

Rochelle and I prior to dominating Gore Mtn.

Rochelle and Caroline

Grandpa Working Hard Setting Up Christina's Grad Party

Mol and I in the Hell Hole (aka Dipper Dan's) "So you only sell soft ice cream?"

Tim, Greg, Adam, Dave, Eric and I en route home from Ohio

Tim, up close and personal

Rochelle and Christina, incapable of sharing deserts properly.

Roger, Christina and Sam at the ZX Formal

Mattie surrounded by some of his girls

Kate and Meghan during an impromptu Bahama Breeze trip

Rochelle and Christina get down with their bad selves.

Meghan, Kate, Erin and I pose for a pic (or remain seated and smile) while waiting for MB and John

Michelle, Rochelle and I after graduation (and after I had removed the silly string from my ear, thanks to TJ Gillete.)

Mon and I at Manda's 21st birthday party

The Girls- Mon, Alla, Stacy, Johann, Ilene, Manda, Kara and myself at Manda's 21st

Lea, Rochelle and I in the backseat en route to Gore.

Manda and I at the Lost Dog- you wish you were as cool as us